Nov 11, 2008

Real Estate, Social Networking, the Internet

Are you a Realtor, an investor, a wholesaler, or simply a real estate professional? Do you use the Internet? If you do, do you use it to simply research information, check the weather, and find out the latest news or do you use it to broaden your network and increase your business?

If you don't, you need to otherwise there's a whole world out there you're missing.

Laptops, cell phones, Wi-Fi, today's latest and greatest technology. Communication and networking drives our business as does it with many businesses. The Internet is "theee" platform to bring your world into your front room.

We're certainly not experts, we don't have all the answers, but, we do know that this technology "thing" is our future.

If you're willing to embrace this future you will find many opportunities around each corner. We'll highlight what we do, the tools we use, the sites we visit, and hopefully help you broaden your technological horizons.

Disclaimer: Perspective from real estate investors actually practicing what we preach. Welcome to our "Bully Pulpit". We intend to exploit it to the best of our abilities to expand our tech yearning horizons.

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