Nov 14, 2008

Twitter and Real Estate

Is Twitter a valid social networking tool for Real Estate professionals?

I know, Real Estate can often be a dry subject and so can its videos! Nonetheless, Real Estate professionals are using Twitter and they're going as far as having lunch parties to discuss it. These social networking arenas may seem out of place, awkward, and downright silly at times but, make no mistake about it, these sites are our marketing future:

Put aside your frustrations:
  1. I don't get it!
  2. Do people really sit around all day and do this?
  3. What's the point?
  4. This can't help my business.
  5. Nobody's going to use this!

In response to your frustrations:

  1. Spend time using the tool. Watch other people, see how they use the tool, learn from what others are doing. As with anything, when it feels like you're hitting a brick wall, keep at it. The more you use it, the more you get it. Let me say that again, "THE MORE YOU USE IT, THE MORE YOU GET IT!"
  2. No, they integrate it into part of their daily routine. For example, the other day I had a business meeting that was postponed for roughly 1/2 hour. During that window, from my Blackberry, I Twittered (aka TwitterBerry). What came out of this mini Twitter session? I found another real estate investing website that offered relevant information to our business focus. In short, I learned something new.
  3. The point is to network! Do I really need to explain to Real Estate professionals how important networking is?
  4. Backwards thinking. OPEN YOUR MINDS! Technology is our future and it's happening fast. How many people had cell phones 10 years ago? How many people used that weird thing called "email" for normal day to day business operations?
  5. I guess if you consider millions of people throughout the world "nobody". Still in disbelief? Simply check out some of these TwitterFacts. Quite interesting and obviously powerful.

Don't allow the fear of the unknown to clutter your thinking. Technology is here to stay and if you want to "get a leg up" in your real estate space, you better get a crackin' or shall I say a TweetIn.

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  1. Twitter is tough to get at first but the more you engage with the tool, the more you realize how powerful of a tool this web service is. Tracking words is something Ted mentioned in the video which is something I didn't realize you could do. Good stuff!

  2. Twitter has become essential in RE. The important thing to realize is that your statuses don't have to stay in twitter. Mine are displayed in my blog using a widget from retaggr.

    Actually, retaggr (.com) is probably THE tool I would recommend for real estate professionals.