Nov 19, 2008

What Social Networking Websites are You Using?

If you're a Real Estate Professional and you're reading these words odds are you have some interest in the social networking buzz. For some, the question is as simple as what is social networking? For others, the question becomes how do I use these social networking sites to promote and increase my business?

If you don't have the foggiest clue as to what social networking is, we would urge you to become a member of the Active Rain community (120k plus Real Estate professional members and growing). Your social networking questions will be quickly answered, your haze will fall mercy to clarity, and you will quickly develop a much needed appetite for more.

Currently, our top three social networking websites of choice are Twitter, Active Rain, and MyBlogLog. Our reasoning is simple. Gobs of information (the latest and greatest), the ability to target a captive audience, and unlimited opportunities to promote and brand our message.

What social networking sites are you using and why?

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