Nov 18, 2008

What`s Your Purpose Here Anyway?

So you're a big social networking guru in the making now. It's hard to image a time when you weren't part of these social networking websites. You're confident because you feel as if you've grabbed a small part of something big getting bigger every day. First floor in an elevator Tweeting messages on your Blackberry all the way to the top. You brag to your cohorts that you have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, just three of the more well know social networking sites amongst a growing list of countless others.

In your newly found confidence, what's all of this networking "stuff" doing for you? Are you developing relationships and growing your business or are you merely playing in a playground pretending that one day you will make it too?

At the bare minimum, you have to formulate a loose game plan or generate a basic set of guidelines directing your social networking efforts. None of us know exactly what our future holds but there has to be a method to your madness. There has to be a reason why you're using these social networking sites.

It's fun to Tweet your friends letting them know you're watching "Sleepless in Seattle" or writing on someone's "wall" (Facebook tool for those of you still learning) letting them know you have a date this weekend but, and a very big BUT, you must not forget the reason in which you use these tools ... or perhaps these are the reasons.

Are they or do you have a bigger purpose here?


  1. I started using twitter for work purposes. What was work, became play and from there it has spiraled into something much more. Our office now has its own twitter account, and while it has not yet brought in the big bucks, it has helped in many other subtle ways.

    Twitter has become an avenue of discussion, a way for us to pick the brains of likeminded businesses and professionals to help steer us in the direction consumers would like us to go. It has also opened our eyes to other avenues of social media and even pointed us in the direction of new tools we can utilize on our website.

    So yes, Twitter is fun but you are correct in saying there needs to be a method and direction. There are some companies out there already leveraging this well, but many more who are still testing the waters. The water is warm and I think we will see many new companies jumping in! A Twitter business method will be adopted very soon, I think.

  2. Hi Sasha, Thank you for your thoughts. I agree. We use Twitter similarly as well as other social networking sites.

    For business, we feel that it's pertinent to get "connected" through these sites. Initially, for many, it's overwhelming. However, as you've stated, the more you use these sites their power and potential multitude of uses becomes increasingly apparent.

    I like the "play" aspect on these sites because it enables all of us to show some of our personality traits through our comments, our interests, the music we listen too, the people we tend to respond to / associate with, etc. A good first step in developing a long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship.

    As we've stated here at Realty Buzz many times, this is our future and we will be better off for embracing these technologies and integrating them into our businesses.