Dec 3, 2008

Attitude is Everything

This economy is killing people! It's all around me like a crummy winter fog that just won't go away. Dark in the morning, dark during the day, dark at night. Dreariness and darkness suffocatingly everywhere.

If you're not being negatively affected by this economy, you certainly know of someone who is. Friends are losing their jobs, neighbors are losing their homes, economic uncertainty and desperation rule the roost. As real estate professionals, you know this all too well and don't need us to offer any further rationalization.

I'm certainly not suggesting that we ignore this reality, but we can't remain mired in the endless negativity of these circumstances. All of this negativity and desperation in these understandingly difficult times are draining even if your pocketbook continues to brim with bills while others are begging for mercy.

A change in your thinking is necessary. I'm not suggesting that you use "Secret" powers to pray this all away, but I do believe attitude is extremely important.

Instead of spending time concentrating on every negative economic powers working against you, why don't you spend that valuable time looking for solutions, searching for opportunities, and concentrating your efforts on moving forward rather than being forever cemented in the past?


Trust me, I'm 34 and have been self-employed for roughly five years now. I never believed in this attitude "mumbo jumbo". Concentrate, clear your mind, blah, blah, blah. I used to think, "stupid advice from ridiculous fools - why don't these people hop back into reality, get a grip, and wake up!"

Now, it's a vital part of my each and every day. This house fell out of contract, that tenant's moving out, eviction here, water damage over there. These tough times present valuable learning lessons that will make you stronger and ultimately pave the way for a smoother future journey.

We can't wish all of this away, but we can open our eyes, learn from the lessons being taught, and embrace the opportunity to look for new solutions.

I was once told that the deal of a lifetime comes by at least once a week. If you're too busy concentrating on what you don't have when will you have time to look for what you could have?

Please stop concentrating on all that's wrong and start concentrating on all that's right. If it's wrong, fix it. If you make a mistake, learn from it. Get your head on straight. We all know it's bad.

If you don't like the circumstances in which you find yourself, always remember it's in your power to make a change.

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