Dec 6, 2008

Random Thought, Future Post?

Video blogging? Yes, no, maybe? Yes. Why? It's the future? But why? More personal interaction. Better message. More of the real you, more of the real me. Right? Time will tell. Other reasons? Most definitely. Will we do it here at the buzz? 100%, yes.

Video blogging in your future? Yes, no, maybe? Shouldn't it be? We think so.

Will people get what we just said? Did it make some sense? Yes, I think so. If not, there's time to clarify. Any questions? Leave us a comment.

What's your random thought today?


  1. We have been doing video blogging for the past year of so for most of our Real Estate Clients. I would say it is not something of the Future, but something people should have thought about doing all along... Duffy Realty of Atlanta for example has several 100 videos on YouTube in no time as well as on Blogs...

  2. Hi BHGDigital,

    Thanks for stopping by. We agree. It's definitely something we've been giving a lot of thought to as it's the natural evolution (present day and looking towards the future).

    Some video is as simple as what we do with our real estate projects, simply offering virtual tours, etc. I think the interesting push and someone who seems to do it quite well is Gary Vaynerchuk as far as selling his brand through his personal video presence.