Feb 4, 2009

RE Professionals - What Phone Are You Using?

Real Estate Professionals, what (cell / smart) phone are you using:

1) RIMM / BlackBerry Product
2) Apple / iPhone Product
3) Google / Android Product
4) Other

Please comment letting us know what type / model you are using and whether you would recommend it to other Real Estate Professionals. If time permits, it would be great to hear how you are using your phone to increase your productivity and efficiency!

Disclosure: I'm using an 8703e BlackBerry, over two years old, on the Verizon network. The phone has been GREAT and solid as a ROCK as has been Verizon's service. I extensively use the email capability as I'm often out of my office. I couldn't operate / manage my real estate investments without it. I also extensively use online access / navigation while on the road. I would recommend the phone, but unfortunately it is now out of date, no camera, video, and limited social networking capabilities. There are now, in my opinion, multiple RIMM / BlackBerry products that incorporate the strengths of my 8703e with the latest and greatest technological features! Needless to say, the same goes for products other than RIMM / BlackBerry and the cell phone providers that carry these products.

Now, your turn!


  1. I have used Blackberry, Palm and currently using the iphone. I am a fan!

  2. I love my Palm Centro.

    I want the Palm Pre when it comes out.

    I have wanted an iphone but after having played on a friends (not the same I know) I would rather wait for the Pre, I think.

  3. I have a BB Curve 8300 and hoping to finagle my way into a 8900 when I can. I have T-Mobile as the carrier and I cannot legally use enough expletives to describe my frustration with their billing and customer service departments.

    When I am away from the computer, besides email, I use the the apps for Twitter, Facebook, & Flickr the most.

    Real Life Example:
    I'll take a picture of a local landmark, throw it up to Flickr, FriendFeed then shows that to my Facebook friends and undoubtedly someone I had never connected with will see the image and start a conversation about how they grew up there, or remember that view...

    We're all visual beings, it's the image that starts the conversation

  4. I'm using a Motorola Q smartphone on the Verizon network. Synchs with outlook contacts and my calendar. Push email and easy access to internet. Also has a full qwerty keyboard and big screen.

    I'm really happy with the features and call reception/quality through Verizon.

  5. I currently use the Blackberry 8700 for every day business (yes old school)

  6. blackberry 8320 curve... i love the wifi connection it syncs up automatically!

  7. Blackberry Curve! Love it, get my emails, easy to sync with Outlook, have my whole database with me at all times! Couldn't live without it!

  8. I use an iPHone; purchased it the day it was released and I love it. I am a consultant and a sales professional and I couldn't live without it. Mostly from the standpoint of having my email with me and the ability to always have my contacts and to do lists with me.

    John Lusher

  9. black 8830, first smart phone. it is ok, want more of iphone experience, maybe android. wish you could just by a phone separately and then contract separately with provider.