Mar 31, 2009

BlackBerry Storm It Is ...

After obsessive and excessive back and forth, the Realty Buzz has upgraded existing BlackBerries to the BlackBerry Storm. Yes, we did eye the iPhone 3G. In fact, we gave the iPhone a test run. It was nice but, in short, we had concerns with the AT&T network (already being on the Verizon network and having great voice / data service), price points were considerably higher for the iPhone itself while data plans and voice costs were similar between both carriers, and (most importantly) the immediate receipt of emails on the BlackBerry was too much to pass on.

In brief, the screen real estate on the BlackBerry Storm is wonderful. We like "clicking" the keyboard less touch screen (definitely a matter of opinion though as plenty of reviews can't stand this feature). The operating system is considerably buggy (to be expected with a first generation phone). Leaked OS's provide for considerable improvements from what Verizon currently has loaded on their Storms (.75). We are running leaked OS (.113) which is rumored to be the next "official" OS release from Verizon. Not a perfect OS by any stretch but SIGNIFICANTLY better than (.75).

Much more to come in future posts as we begin to discover the limitations and possibilities of this phone ...

Are you a Storm user?

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