Aug 31, 2010

Free Home in Escondido, CA!

"The company is giving away the house for free. No down payment, no closing cost, no mortgage, no joke. You want it? It's yours.

There's just one catch. The new owner will have to pay to have it hauled away from the lot on the northeast corner of West 11th Avenue and South Escondido Boulevard, where it has been since 1922.

Tom Crowley, a senior associate with Hanson Commercial, said he has heard the move will cost more than $10,000, but less than $20,000.

The new owner also should be aware that the 800-square-foot, single-story house is a fixer-upper. It has no floor, its roof needs repairs and all its fixtures need to be replaced."

Free Home in Escondido, CA
Marketing, marketing, marketing! Despite the nice offer, this home clearly doesn't appear to be much of a deal after factoring in the real costs of getting this property renovated and that's if the house doesn't fall apart during the moving process!

Thanks, but no thanks. You can keep this one, Mr. Crowley!

In case you see it differently, check out our good "Haulin' House" friends over at HGTV to help with the move.

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