Sep 5, 2010

Tony Robbins Warns on Housing and the Economy

Tony Robbins gives a "special warning" regarding where he believes the U.S. economy is headed:
" ... the financial world, as you know it, is about to change radically at levels you won't even imagine and it's coming really quick. I can't tell you when, but I know it's coming quick; sometime in the next three, four, five, six, seven months it's going to happen".
In the same camp as many economists, Robbins' is predicting more difficult times around the corner (stock market and housing). In fact, Robbin's is citing that the U.S. economy is on the cliff again as the stimulus effect is weaning.

Times are difficult, but it's certainly not productive to be frozen by fear and to concentrate on everything that's not working. In fact, it's difficult to operate at any level when your actions are being guided by fear and negative emotion. As Robbins' states, "Put yourself in a position where you educate yourself."

Positive thinking and education don't guarantee that everything will come out rosy. However, simply look around to see what fear, ignorance, and negative thinking get you. It's a waste of time and leads to many bad and uniformed decisions. We all know times are challenging. How we deal with it will largely determine how we're going to get through it. Cliche, yet true.

For obvious reasons, millions are made during the most dire economic conditions. It's our job to figure out how we're going to be one of those who prospers.

Embrace the challenge!

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