Nov 15, 2008

Active Rain - Real Estate Professionals Start Blogging

Networking, networking, networking. There are few better Real Estate specific social media networking outlets than Active Rain. A targeted audience, over 100k members strong, for you to broadcast your real estate business message. As important, there are endless opportunities to increase your online marketing knowledge and presence through Active Rain. If you're not a member. You need to be.

However, before you get started, send us an email ( with your email address so that we can invite you to get started blogging with Active Rain.

We want those points! For those of you who use Active Rain, enough said. For those of you who haven't started, but need to, you'll understand our NEED and GREED for points!!!

If you're tech savy, you don't need this video. Simply go to Otherwise, the quick video below will nudge you in the right direction.

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