Nov 20, 2008

What`s Twitter`s Viability?

Twitter, Tweet, Tweet! Yes, we're all definitely having fun micro blogging. As with most things in life, the dust will settle and reality will set in. When it does, what will have become of Twitter?

In a previous post (What`s Your Purpose Here Anyway?), we addressed the purpose of Twitter and why, from a business perspective, we should be using the tool. Knowing our purpose, the next question becomes Twitter's viability.

Will Twitter simply be that fun social networking tool that drives you to let everyone know that you're sitting down at a Starbucks with a brimming hot double cappuccino or will it really continue to evolve into something much bigger than that?

Does Twitter have the potential to become that multifaceted, lead generating, social networking tool that ultimately we will all use as seamlessly as keyboards translating our thoughts onto computer screens?

Is it going to be that routine, that powerful, that necessary?

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