Dec 2, 2008

Google's SearchWiki

In a previous post (The Google Promote Button), we briefly addressed Google's new experimental feature, the little add and remove buttons, aka Google's SearchWiki. To provide additional insight, we've provided a video directly from Google giving a general tutorial on how they intend for us to use their buttons.

To this point, we're not finding a large added value in using this feature. In fact, we're initially finding the little add and remove buttons to be rather intrusive since your search results, after removing or promoting, leave you with a skewed positioning / ranking of the remaining search results indexed. If you're like us, we're continually logged-in to our Google account(s) as we use a number of their tools in our day to day operations. As a result, we're finding that we're continually having to go through extra steps to determine search results as they were originally indexed and ranked by Google if we've previously used their SearchWiki to make modifications.

Are you finding that Google's SearchWiki offers beneficial value to your online experience or, are you like us, initially finding that the SearchWiki merely complicates the beauty in Google's simplicity?

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